Evan Forman

I’m a writer interested in the fictions creeping into our increasingly warped reality, the mythology of modernity, and spooky interactions with the more-than-human world. I’ve been published in a couple of small press anthologies and this year I’m working on a novel.

Angelus Novum

A neanderthal woman, exiled from her tribe, is drawn into a symbiotic relationship with an alien creature and the invasive ecosystem growing out of it.

Medium - 12min read

The Eternal

Novella for the licensed Doctor Who anthology Cwej: Down The Middle, following burned-out former companion Chris Cwej.

Chris has spent weeks, months, possibly years as a lone agent, weaving his way through future and past to contain an interplanetary war beween eldritch horrors; he is failing. Caught in a time loop of cyclical struggle and death, Chris is mysteriously shunted out of the war and into a pastel meadow. Here in this idyllic world, he is taken in by members of a utopian culture where war is an ancient myth, poverty unthinkable, and empathy contagious.

But before he can get a moment's rest, Chris must try to solve the impossible problem which brought him here: a woman who thinks about her past and remembers being murdered. One by one, her past selves are being devoured by an unstoppable creature which massacres everything in its path to get to her. Every time she tries to remember how she fought or fled, and how she inevitably failed, it's a little bit closer to here and now. They have until sundown.

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The Night of Enitharmon's Joy and Mud Nostalgia

Two novella-length stories in Arcbeatle Press'10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Iliad shared-universe anthology

"Enitharmon"is a gothic fairytale nightmare about a mother haunted by digital ghosts and a daughter whose vivid fantasies have started leaking out from the other side of the veil, set in a house designed in a virtual world and built on a crack in reality.

In Mud Nostalgia, our stiff-upper-lip reporter takes us to the aborted interstellar colony ship Magellan, which was bought and moved to the edge of the solar system decades ago by old-money Silicon Valley elites fleeing government interference on Earth. Now, the eugenics-obsessed gentry play deadly status games on the upper decks and ambitious young coders commute through urban warzones below; in the dark, abandoned heart of the ship, the hated "savages" experiment with new laws for a new form of Nature.

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The Keepers of Time

For Michael Robertson and James Wylder's Lady Aesculapius series. A cozy night in on Aesculapius’ travelling moon turns into a mind-bending tour of her museum of clocks collected from alien cultures all over the multiverse. Come see curiosities like the world-famous Papier­mâché­henge, the un­think­about­able Grandmother Clock, the suitcase full of cash from where time is literally money and the watched clock that never ticks.

The Keepers of Time - 30min read


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